So, we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day. We’re jaded, old crochety people who make that hand gesture (I think my Grandpa did it best) while saying, “Bah. Hallmark holiday.” However, like so many things that doesn’t mean we don’t get caught up in Dooz’s excitement over swapping cards with his classmates.

This year, instead of store bought cards or even construction paper cutouts, we thought we’d try something different. I saw a super cute Valentine’s card idea on Designmom’s blog and had filed it away months ago to try. It’s easy peasy and just takes a little bit digital know how (and not very much at that). You take a photo of your child with arm outstretched, add some text, print up and then insert the treat of your choice into the photo. The result? It looks like your kidlet is handing out a treat to everyone who receives the card. Dooz really loved everything about these from trying out different poses to signing the backs and stickering them with glittery heart stickers. I’m thinking we might make this a little tradition and try a variation on it again next year.

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