In Which I Try To Get Back On The Wagon

This morning while the boy was busy doing puzzles and making artwork and we were both letting the husband sleep in, I got sucked into the rabbit hole that is looking at old blog posts. A little self-indulgent? Perhaps. But having children sort of robs you of the possibilities of other self-indulgent activities like binge drinking and spontaneous road trips. So, there you go. I spent an hour or so reading through really old blog posts and marveling that I’ve been posting to this (and the old starbody blog) for 8 years. Holy crap! And at times, I mean that literally. And if there’s anything I’ve realized, I used to go out ALL THE TIME. It’s kind of funny to me that the times in my life when I was out and about the most, were also the times when I had the least money. Just goes to prove my ol’ old rule … there’s lots of fun to be had for $5, you just have to find it.

Back to the present where I have more than $5 in my pocket today, but much less motivation. September has decided to flip the fall switch (after successive sunny days in the 80s) and I’m looking out on a wet backyard and leaves floating through the air. It’s good writing weather. I had started looking through the posts in my renewed effort to get writing again after having been inspired by Kate’s daily blogging this month (she’s also the singer/songwriter from The Blueflowers) and The Daily Post (filled with little inspirational writing ideas). So, here’s to more writing!

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  1. K8 says:

    That’s a nice start. :)

    I read through old blog posts from time to time, just to refresh my memory, and it always surprises me how much I’ve written and how much time I’ve spent doing so.

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